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Welcome To Goloka Education

Goloka Education produces state of the art values-based educational resources for schools and individuals worldwide. In addition to educational resources, we offer professional development and training courses for teachers and parents. We also provide consultation for schools around the world.

High quality, interactive and easy-to-use resources will enable teachers and parents to meaningfully engage young learners. Through Goloka Education, we aim to enrich and reconnect our youth to the Vedic culture, and also to inspire values of compassion, peace, honesty, respect and enduring cultural traditions.


Goloka Education provides a program for continuous professional development for teachers and for parents who home-school. Currently, we provide on-site teacher training at schools and other convenient venues. In the near future we will provide a comprehensive e-learning portal for teacher training purposes. On an individual needs-basis, we assist schools in developing administrative infrastructure, policies, learning resources and other school wide initiatives such as behaviour management and school-wide assessment.

Currently, Goloka Education has launched Part 1 of our Introductory Sanskrit Course (Samskrita Vidyarambhah) - which includes a Student Book, Teacher’s Guide, card games, and a set of posters/flashcards.

We have also produced a Sanskrit Picture Dictionary (Samskrita citra-kosah) which has already proven to be a very popular resource.

We are currently working on Part 2 of Samskrita Vidyarambhah. Another work-in-progress is an innovative reading comprehension course. Future subjects will include mathematics, culture, science, music, drama, visual arts and values.



Goloka Education has produced the first series of high quality educational resources. The company is co-directed by Prana dasa, a seasoned educator in ISKCON with almost three decades of teaching e...

Sesa Dasa
Mar 15, 2013

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