Learning Resources Overview

“Sanskrit should be compulsory for all our children to learn, and anyone who has elementary knowledge of the alphabet and grammar can begin to teach it.” – A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupädaInspired by the conviction of Çréla Prabhupäda, we intend to make a humble attempt in developing Learning Resources to enable the learner to speak the ‘perfected’ language – Sanskrit

Devanägaré is the script that is widely used in writing the Sanskrit language. This script has all the alphabets and markers to represent the sounds of Sanskrit. For those enthusiastic to learn Sanskrit, Goloka Education brings Devanägaré-akñaräbhyäsaù, the Practice Book for Devanägaré alphabets of Sanskrit. This practice book is the key for your access to the vast literature in Sanskrit, mostly available in the Devanägaré script.

Saàskåta Vidyärambhaù

This is a well structured series of books supplemented with learning aids, like flashcards, card games, posters and suggested activities. Varieties of opportunities are created to converse in simple Sanskrit by using these teaching aids. The set includes a teacher’s guide which has been meticulously prepared to render even a novice the ability to teach the language, while at the same time learning.

Online Course

A well structured online course of fixed duration duly evaluated and certified; audio, visual and interactive learning experience, with activity based learning modules, built in levels where higher ones unlock as the previous levels are mastered in context based learning.

Bridge Course

Scaled up from pronunciation of letters to words to compounds to word groups, sentences and context, a step by step grammar learning resource with application based learning that aids in contextual learning, while yet removing the rigour from the learning experience.


Fun learning resources on the go… audio, visual and interactive applications that can be downloaded on a mobile, that are information based; aids in subconscious language learning through interesting puzzles, games, memory tests etc, that also acts as a teachers’ guide for a quick class preparation.

Audio Books

Clearly and fluently read out books to engage with for entertainment and knowledge enhancement. Varied content to suit the listeners’ interests – ranging from stories in bilingual format to scholarly texts. What’s more, you could order an audio book to be made for you!