Language learning should fun and purposeful, not artificially ’cut-and-pasted’ by the learner in a fragmented manner like so many traditional grammar courses. The element of fun and utility bring in the scope of internalizing language in a natural flow. With this in view we propose to design Apps for Sanskrit learning on-the-go.

The Apps are designed to be tools of learning as well as fun! Through the Apps a lot of Sanskrit vocabulary and grammar could be learnt through games and activities, which would otherwise require monotonous learning of lists.

Matching words and objects, number games, riddles, puzzles, crosswords, posters, reminders… The means are many….
The medium is very interesting too, with audio, visual and interactive presentation format.

Sanskrit Apps
Key features
  • Easy access to Sanskrit learning
  • Fun way of improving natural fluency of language
  • Repeated reinforcement of learning through interesting games and activities
  • Variety of learning methods to improve pronunciation, reading script, vocabulary and usage
  • Impressive audio visual appeal
Current Apps under production are: –
  • Learn Alphabets
  • Time teller
  • Mix ‘n match words
  • Learn to read and write Sanskrit in devanägaré
  • Word games
  • Number games