Publication—Card games & Posters

Publication—Card games & Posters
Card Games & Posters

Kids love games! We have made 10 card games to help reinforce the learning of Sanskrit in an exciting and entertaining way. Further explanations and alternative rules for the games are provided in the Samskrta Vidyarambhah Teacher’s Guide.

Memory Games

Memory games are a fun way for language learners to reinforce new vocabulary. Matching the images with the words is the basic concept behind the game. We have adapted some variations to this, to include oral language as well as the visual recognition

I have who has?

This game is designed to assist language learners in vocabulary acquisition and to develop their knowledge of sentence structure.The unique feature of this game is that it involves many people in listening and speaking


Prcchatu means to ask a a question. The game is designed for two or more players. They ask each other questions on a topic to reinforce vocabulary or a special language feature. Prcchatu provides language learners with a talking frame or prompt to encourage authentic use of language.

Posters / Flashcards

This pack contains 32 posters which includes 18 noun posters (6 per gender) and 14 animal posters.