Sunday School Curriculum Meetings in Vrindavan

The ISKCON Ministry of Education has a mandate from the Governing Body Commission to enable projects worldwide by connecting resources to people and people to resources. Recently Urmila devi dasi, her daughter Champakalata devi dasi along with Ramgiridhari dasa and myself met in the village of Govardhan to finalize on a structure, team and system to create a high quality, consistent and coherent Sunday School curriculum for ISKCON communities world wide.

The topic of Sunday School curriculum has been discussed on numerous occasions over the past few years and the growing need and concern to increase the quality and consistency of this program on a world wide scale prompted us to take the initiative and see how we might kick start this important project. In July this year we also met in Houston, Texas, to discuss various initiatives and this topic was seriously discussed with an action point to actively begin to seek out donors for this project.

On the very same day of this decision we approached a well known sympathizer for helping build ISKCON education who spontaneously donated the initial seed funding of $10,000. This reaffirmed our commitment to make this a reality. Now in the last couple of days discussion we have successfully identified a team of qualified and dynamic young writers who have experience in multilevel teaching and a strong theoretical and practical basis of connecting content to learners through a culture of care of devotion.

The team is Champakalata, Gopi Gita and Ratna Radhika with Urmila devi dasi as the project co-ordinator. I will take a review role and provide some direction and encouragement from the side. Ramgiridhari dasa and the Goloka Team in Mumbai will facilitate and co-ordinate various practicalities from layout and design to initial resource allocation and join in the fundraising and ultimately the marketing of the final product. The project will be run under our Foundation as a not for profit entity.

If you would like to help in any way please contact me and I will direct you to the right person on the team.

Prana Dasa.