Curriculum Development at Goloka

Currently, Goloka Education is focused on two main areas of delivery, one in the Early Childhood sector and one in Sanskrit for all ages. Recently, we had launched the first issue of a monthly magazine called Sanätané – Culture of Divinity. The e-magazine was received by thousands of readers and we have received lots of positive feedback to encourage our efforts.

Gokul Kidz is our Pre-School curriculum. It is pitched for children between 3 years and 5 years, depending on the country of delivery this may vary slightly. The curriculum framework is designed to direct the learning towards outcomes which will enable children to be prepared for their primary years of education. It is a values based curriculum which inspires children to inquire and build confidence through interacting with each other.

So far, we have produced a number of high quality teaching and learning resources for the early years program. We have 20 color posters for common nursery rhymes, the full alphabet posters with carefully chosen images as well as posters and flashcards to teach letter recognition for each letter of the alphabet. We also have prepared a series of worksheets for reinforcing and assessing progress with alphabet recognition and letter writing.

We are also in the process of designing high quality posters for number and letter recognition based on spiritual themes for each letter and number. We have developed a number of high quality prints of devotional nursery rhymes using some of the original rhymes of ISKCON artists and educators, as well as some of our own contemporary versions.

One really exciting development is the creation of our own series of values based stories. Our team of creative curriculum writers in Mumbai are producing entertaining and instructive stories to teach values across the curriculum. For example, while teaching the concept of ‘few’ and ‘many’ in Pre-Math, we have integrated the value of sharing and kindness with our own series characters demonstrating visually both the mathematical concept of ‘few’ and ‘many’ as well as the values of ‘sharing’ and ‘kindness’.

In the Sanskrit department, we have many exciting ventures and products ready to go and in the pipeline. All of this has been detailed in Sanätané and our website. Yesterday we had a session in the recording studio preparing for the launch of our first series of Apps and an On-line course which will be ready for the public by Feb 2015. The first of the Apps will be released by the end of November. This is an interactive App which will teach the correct pronunciation of the Sanskrit sounds.

Thanks for joining our On-line community and we look forward to hearing from you and serving your needs in the years to come.