This is great!

I am very happy to learn of the completion of your introductory Sanskrit materials. I think the Beginner’s Sanskrit Picture Dictionary concept is extremely helpful for the Western audience and those who have no background in languages derived from the Sanskrit language. Certainly vocabulary is one of the initial stumbling blocks to learning another language. I am also impressed with your conviction and approach that Sanskrit is a living language and is a rich source of many contemporary Indian languages and dialects. I must say, I fully endorse this conversational approach. Samskrta Vidyarambah is well conceived and an extremely user-friendly resource.

Bhanu Swami
November 4, 2014

Goloka Education has produced the first series of high quality educational resources. The company is co-directed by Prana dasa, a seasoned educator in ISKCON with almost three decades of teaching experience. Samskrta Vidyarambah resource is by far the most accessible, sensible and logical introductory course I have ever seen. Prana dasa has academic qualifications in Sanskrit and has spent many years learning and teaching the language. He has also incorporated the techniques and approaches of some of the most successful conversational approaches to teaching Sanskrit from such institutions as Samskrta Bharati and other renowned organisations in India dedicated to the revival of Sanskrit language.

Both the Beginner’s Sanskrit Picture Dictionary and the Introductory Sanskrit Course are long awaited and greatly appreciated by those interested in teaching Sanskrit to children. Congratulations and we look forward to your future publications in Sanskrit and other subjects that are to follow.

Sesa Dasa
November 4, 2014

The new Sanskrit course is a high quality resource that is based on creating genuine communication—conversation, reading and writing—in Sanskrit. It uses themes to aid memory. The illustrations enhance learning high frequency words and grammatical construction. Using games, songs, conversation scenarios, and a variety of teaching methods reinforce learning in fun and easy ways. The layout is attractive, uncluttered, and inviting. Altogether, this long-awaited program is one of
the best Sanskrit learning resources available for teachers and learners.

Dr. Edith Best
November 4, 2014

I am very happy to hear of the upcoming publication of Prana Prabhu’s introductory Sanskrit materials. He has dedicated many years to studying and teaching the Sanskrit language. Over the past decade I have been very happy to sit with him and offer guidance and direction for various sections of the units, some of which are included in his Samskrta Vidyarambah course.

prasaret pracareccayam, anabhijnan prabodhayet
prayasah Prandasasya, saphalyamapnuyad dhruvam

Acharya Ajay Tiwari
November 4, 2014
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