Audio Books


Books are our best friends!

Engage yourself with the sweet sounding Sanskrit stories, verses, poems and texts of your choice with the luxury of them being read out to you clearly, fluently and pleasingly modulated. Make good of the time you spend in travel, leisure and unwinding in the company of our Sanskrit audio books — a sure shot way of entertaining, enriching and evolving yourself through an auditory treat.

The audio books are proposed to be designed bilingually with English translation, which you can optionally choose to listen to. What’s more, we welcome orders from you, for Sanskrit books of your choice and interest to be audiographed at very economical charges. Please contact us in this regard.

Sanskrit Audio Books
Key features
  • Effortless and sub conscious learning of Sanskrit
  • Choice of listening to English translation of Sanskrit content (on chosen books only) for the beginners learning Sanskrit
  • Auditory learning of pronunciation for improving natural fluency of language
  • Variety of texts to choose from—entertaining stories to texts of higher order scholarly interests
  • Facility for audio books to be made on order at economical pricing