Publication—Sanskrit Picture Dictionary


Saàskåta-citra-koçaù The purpose of this Sanskrit Picture Dictionary – Saàskåta citra-koçaù – is to provide those new to Sanskrit, particularly those from English speaking backgrounds, exposure to many of the high frequency words required to communicate in spoken Sanskrit. This picture dictionary will assist in swift Sanskrit vocabulary acquisition. Words are placed into associational categories: […]

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Publication — Saàskåta Vidyärambhaù Student Part One

Current Publications Page Samskrita Vidyarambha Student Book

Saàskåta Vidyärambhaù – Part One – Students’   Book This book is an introduction to the Sanskrit language. There are two parts to this course: Samskåta-vidyärambhaù Part One and Part Two. The Saàskåta-citra-koçaù (Sanskrit Picture Dictionary) is an ideal reference book and supplement to this resource. Samskåta-vidyärambhaù means ‘the beginning of Sanskrit education’. The course […]


Saàskåta Vidyärambhaù Teacher’s Guide Part One


This resource provides an integrated package of flexible entry-level resources for teachers, and for students who are new learners of Sanskrit. A detailed glossary and transliterated text format is used throughout in order to support newcomers to Sanskrit. For some teachers this resource may be their first encounter with Sanskrit. It is designed to assist […]


Publication—Card games & Posters


Card Games & Posters Kids love games! We have made 10 card games to help reinforce the learning of Sanskrit in an exciting and entertaining way. Further explanations and alternative rules for the games are provided in the Saàskåta Vidyärambhaù Teacher’s Guide. Memory Games Memory games are a fun way for language learners to reinforce […]