Online Course


The online course for learning Sanskrit is an educational resource developed for context based learning of the language. It is a structured course scaled up from lower to higher levels of fixed duration. It is duly evaluated and certified on completion.

The audio visual interactive content enhances the learning experience of the learner. It is designed to enable the learner to independently learn the language, while using other supplementary tools like the games and cards of our publication, online community for Sanskrit, Bridge Courses and Apps for gaining better command of the language. The Online Courses are integrated with the books of our publication to provide reference.

Several activities and games are built into each unit to create lots of opportunity for the learner for using vocabulary. To enable the learner to start simple conversations in Sanskrit, emphasis has been given on learning contextually high frequency words, relevant to common conversation.

The learning units of the courses are framed in levels. The higher levels unlock once the lower levels are mastered, monitored through evaluation.

Sanskrit Online Course
Key features
  • An independent language learning tool
  • Audio visual content that gives the ’go-beyond-the book’ learning experience
  • Audio support enables learning language pronunciation
  • Visual medium enriches context learning and helps learn language script
  • Interactive learning mode to make sure the learner gets the intended mastery on language
  • Activities and games create language usage opportunities
  • Completion of course in fixed duration ensures regularity of learning
The following Online Courses have been planned to be launched soon –

Sadyaska-citra-koçaù – Online Picture Dictionary
Sadyaska-vidyärambhaù I – Online Primer I
Sadyaska-vidyärambhaù II – Online Primer 2