Publication – Akñaräbhyäsaù

Devanägaré Script Practice Book

Devanägaré is the script that is widely used in writing the Sanskrit language. This script has all the alphabets and markers to represent the sounds of Sanskrit. For those enthusiastic to learn Sanskrit, Goloka Education brings Devanägaré-akñaräbhyäsaù, the Practice Book for Devanägaré alphabets of Sanskrit. This practice book is the key for your access to the vast literature in Sanskrit, mostly available in the Devanägaré script.

Akñaräbhyäsaù is the first practice book in a series of Sanskrit writing resources from Goloka. While most other practice books are designed for those who are already familiar with the sounds of the language or have guidance of a teacher to help with the sounds, Akñaräbhyäsaù is unique in enabling the learners to familiarize with the shapes of the alphabets taught along with the information about how those language signs are pronounced, without the requirement of any external support. The Roman transliterations of the alphabets along with the pronunciation guide ensure that the learners get the sounds of the alphabets right.

The guided method of writing the alphabets in this practice book gives novices ample support in familiarizing themselves with and practising alphabet writing, till they become confident by themselves to identify and write the alphabets. The context of usage of the alphabets in Sanskrit words is also provided illustratively herein.
This resource is also useful for learners who are familiar with Devanägaré but need to practise the script and fine tune their skills in writing it. Though designed on the lines of alphabet workbooks for children, Akñaräbhyäsaù is suitable for learners at any stage. In fact, this resource series may be used for learning the Devanägaré alphabets by the learners of all those languages that use this script, such as Hindi, Marathi, Nepali and so on.

The workbook is especially recommended for those who are using or have completed the Saàskåta-citrakoñaù & Saàskåta-vidyärambhaù Book 1. Akñaräbhyäsaù will also be an effective aid in preparation for the Saàskåta-vidyärambhaù Book 2, which is currently under the final stages of publication. It is the perfect tool for upgrading from speaking to writing.
We trust that learners will find the Akñaräbhyäsaù practice book useful in coming closer with the Sanskrit language that they love to learn.
Hare Krishna!


Unique features of the Devanägaré Script Practice Book

  • Focus on writing Sanskrit alphabets in Devanägaré script.
  • Handwriting based approach for writing the alphabets.
  • Bold visual friendly typeface for alphabet identification.
  • Direction of writing marked with arrows and numbered strokes.
  • Join the dots and learn the alphabet!
  • Stroke by stroke progression for step by step alphabet learning.
  • Larger dotted form of alphabets during intial writing steps.
  • Ample dot tracing iterations to master each alphabet individually.
  • Marked spaces for free hand writing of practiced letters
  • Illustrative usage of alphabets in Sanskrit words supported by object images